SP Patient Management Program

Why does Price Rite Pharmacy maintain a Specialty Patient Management (PM) Program?

In order to assist Prescribers with monitoring of patients initiating or changing specialty regimen, Price Rite Pharmacy has established a special monitoring program for at risk patients. Once identified, these patients will be given the opportunity to opt-in to the program. Our SP PM program encompasses miscellaneous chronic disease states that are seen in specialty pharmacy. Price Rite Pharmacy’s team of clinically trained pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and care coordinators provide continued patient management and financial support which are essential for patient adherence and compliance. Patients enrolled in the program will receive:

  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Insurance and benefit coordination
  • Financial Assistance and Prior Authorization Assistance
  • Patient Education and Administration Training
  • Side Effect Management
  • Comprehensive Medication Reviews
  • Refill Reminder Services
  • Clinical Pharmacist Available 24/7
  • Adherence Management
  • Free Shipping and Delivery
  • Automatic monthly refills

What we need from you….

In the event that clinical lab values are requested, the patient authorizes (via opting into the program) for Price Rite Pharmacy to track and monitor vital clinical lab values per therapeutic appropriateness, financial assistance, and manufacturer/payor reporting as needed. We may call and request clinical lab values, additional diagnostic info, and follow up assessments from your office. These results will then be entered into the patient’s electronic record.  With each subsequent refill the patient will be contacted to assess compliance, adverse drug effects, and given the opportunity to ask questions. After six months of therapy the pharmacist will again request lab results from the prescriber.  

What is the goal of the program?

Patients will receive additional pharmacist support at a critical point in therapy.  By managing side effects and monitoring vital lab values, Price Rite Pharmacy may be better able to maintain patient on otherwise effective therapy, and provide quantitative and qualitative metrics on patient outcomes annually.

With Price Rite Pharmacy acting as the agent for providing oversight on medication adherence, Price Rite Pharmacy may produce quantifiable data (including the descriptions of the development and evidence-based methodologies regarding patient outcomes) at your request.

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