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Our story starts with Karen, an 82 year-old mother and longtime patient.

Karen’s 61 year-old son, who suffers from a severe seizure disorder caused by a motorcycle accident, had been treated for decades by a neurologist; despite taking six anticonvulsants, he continued to have three grand mal seizures daily.

Encouraged by a suggestion from the neurologist that they explore CBD oil, Karen purchased CBD from dispensaries, online sites and natural food stores, but when nothing seemed to work, she came to us for help.

As CBD was still relatively unknown in the medical environment, our pharmacists were compelled to investigate the scientific basis of CBD. After months of researching biomedical journals, we discovered substantial evidence of the benefits of CBD.

We knew then that there was a need in the community for a pure CBD product of which the concentration and ingredients could be guaranteed, unlike other sources that may make false claims. This is why we compound our own products and use an independent lab for analysis.

Karen now uses our CBD oil when her son has a seizure. At the onset, she gives him two drops under his tongue and is continually amazed at how this halts his seizure and calms him down.